17 September 2018

Dr Jim Briggs and Bill Lemonnier to collaborate with the ONSIDE Project.

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) have backed the ONSIDE project to have a positive impact on the area of sport officiating and agreed to collaborate for the duration of the project. 

IFAF recognise the benefits of working together across sports to develop generic skills and competences of sport officials. This already takes place in some cases at the national level and IFAF would like to expand this shared approach to skills development at the European level, through links to the ONSIDE project. American football can benefit from the development of resources to support officiating across a breadth of sports. 

The ONSIDE project partners are delighted to collaborate with like-minded international federations who see the value in such a shared approach. Through input and collaboration across a range of sports, the project can have widespread impact for the benefit of the whole sport sector. In particular IFAF will now contribute as a consulting network throughout each aspect of the project, and will apply learning from the project in their sport. American Football officials will have the opportunity to test ONSIDE resources and learning products. 

Ben Gittus from ONSIDE project coordinator EOSE said: “It is fantastic that at this early stage of the project an international federation like IFAF have recognised the benefits of the project and wish to collaborate and learn from the project, as well as contributing their own learning and expertise towards the project outcomes.

Richard MacLean, President of IFAF, welcomed the Federation's involvement, “During my time with IFAF I have been fortunate enough to gain an insight into the work our members do to recruit, retain, develop and deploy officials. As with other partners in the project, we have some outstanding practitioners whose knowledge and experience can, I am sure, add real value as well as ensure any learnings emerging from it are used to inform our own best practice.”

MacLean concluded “I am delighted that Bill Lemonnier and Jim Briggs will lead on this for IFAF and I wish all parties the best of luck over the coming years.”

The ONSIDE project will explore and define, for the first time at the EU level, the generic competences, skills and knowledge expected of sport officials – covering all sports and nations. 

ONSIDE is a three-year project running from January 2018 to December 2020 and is funded through the European Union Erasmus+ Programme.


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