26 October 2018

Budapest to stage prestigious officiating clinic

The 2019 IFAF Officiating Clinic for Europe will take place in Budapest, Hungary. 

The event, scheduled for February 23rd and 24th will see IFAF Chair of Officiating, Bill LeMonnier as the keynote speaker. 

Event lead, Frank Kristensen said' IFAF is delighted to confirm that Budapest will stage the annual Officiating Clinic. I would like to thank the Hungarian federation for the work that they put into their bid. I am sure that they will host a great clinic for the benefit of our members.' 
Director for Europe, Gregor Murth, welcomed the event. "I would like to thank Frank and his team for organising the event and I welcome Bill LeMonnier as the keynote speaker.' 

Invitations are being sent to nations but if there are any queries please contact Frank Kristensen direct or


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